Easy to organise

You tell us what day and what time you need us to film.  Guess what?  We'll be there.  Probably a bit earlier too so we can set everything up.

Package of amazing

When it's all done, we can edit and colour grade for you.  We'll make it everything you want it to be.  Oh, if you just want the film so you can do it all yourself, no problem.

Keep on smiling

What we want is for you to watch your film over and over again with a massive smile on your face.  See what I did there?  Massive......get it?

Since 2012



The team at Massive Catch want you to have awesome film and images for life.  We love watching people smile when they see our films and that's what our business is all about.  We deliver incredible photographic experiences on the ground and in the air delivering amazing memories for anyone.

Our visual work

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