British Columbia Canada Part One

Massive Catch recently returned from British Columbia, Canada and WOW!  Have you ever been to that special place where you feel like you just can’t leave?  Ever been to that special place where everywhere you look is just amazing?  British Columbia is just that place and here is Part One of our series for your viewing pleasure.

Everywhere we went, all the places we visited were picture perfect and full of wonderful people.  Whenever I put the drone in the air the pictures beaming back to the monitor were just out of this world.  I’m convinced now that British Columbia has to be one of the most amazing, scenic places on earth.  Okay, we haven’t been everywhere (alot though) however that doesn’t mean we can’t put this place right up there with the best.

750,000 and 760,000 people live in Vancouver and Vancouver Island respectively.  Of these 1,510,000 people a grand total of 1,510,000 are awesome.  Exaggerating?  Maybe.  I’ll put it to you this way.  All the people we met were incredible so we assume everyone is like this.  Another thing to note also is that it’s impossible to order a bad meal, book a bad hotel, drink bad beer, go to a bad sporting event or see bad scenery.  Everything you wish for when travelling right?  Wish no more.

Let me give you a few quick tips:

  • Go to Tofino Brewing Company – best beer on the planet
  • Eat at Tacofino, Tofino – get the fish taco, get the fish taco – yes, I said it twice
  • Watch the Canucks at Rogers Arena
  • Walk the Wild Pacific Trail on Vancouver Island
  • Engage with Destination BC on twitter and Facebook – these guys are so friendly and helpful.  They even promoted some of our work!  They are awesome and always willing to point you in the right direction

You know what, I could go on and on and on.  I stopped at five because there’s about 80 things you can do, probably more.  My suggestion is tick these five and look for 75 more.

Get out there and be amazing.