GoPro Seeker Pack and the Mavic Pro

The title says it all really.  The GoPro Seeker Pack and Mavic Pro are the perfect combination.  The Seeker Pack is a solid effort from GoPro and fits all of your Mavic Pro goodies perfectly.


As accustomed with GoPro, the styling is slick and robust providing a lightweight pack for the adventure seekers amongst us.  It’s not just appearances though; this pack is the real deal.  It’s well put together, strong, versatile, and functional.  Yes, functional!  Throw your GoPro, Mavic, spare batteries, controller, charger, phone, and two litre water bladder into your Seeker, and you’ll still have room to spare.

It doesn’t stop there either.  The GoPro Seeker Pack comes with a chesty harness and GoPro connector on the strap, perfect for those first person perspectives.  If you want to shell out a few more dollars, get yourself the GoPro 3 Way Camera Grip.  The Seeker Pack has a custom slot for it so you can grab some above and behind the pack shots.  Awesome benefits for filming in front and behind so you can get a nice blend when you hit the editing room.

So there you have it.  The one stop carrying solution for your action camera and Mavic.  Go grab one now!  The sooner you fit yourself out, the sooner you’ll be capturing adventure footage in the air and on the ground in all those hard to get places.