Hiroshima Japan – True and Incredible

Hands up if you’ve been to Japan……….Hands up if you’ve been to Hiroshima………..Okay, so if you’ve been to Japan you know it’s a little quirky but super cool.  If you’ve been to Hiroshima you’ve seen beauty and resilience.

Hiroshima was destroyed by an atomic bomb during World War II.  Head over to the Hiroshima Peace Site, spend some time in the museum and have a look at the devastation caused.  It’s a sombre experience; one that puts a few things in perspective.  You’ll learn a lot here, memories that will last a lifetime.  It’s not all sad though.  Hiroshima today is amazing.  Historically significant, beautiful to look at, traditional and homely.

Like smaller cities, Hiroshima is a place of exploration.  Here are a few highlights to get you started on your journey:

  • Itsukushima – It is popularly known as Miyajima, which in Japanese means the Shrine Island.  You’ll be here for the day so wear good hiking shoes
  • Visit the atomic bomb dome.  Great place to reflect and breathe in some Hiroshima.  Incredibly peaceful
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park.  You’ll be amazed at the coloured origami.  Trust me, you’ll be amazed
  • Shrines!!  There are so many so I’ve supplied a link to the top 5 or so.  I think we saw about a dozen or so
  • Love oysters?  Hiroshima serve the best fresh oysters in the world.  Go to Ekohiiki (near the Childrens Peace Monument).  Eat oysters all day, any way you want
  • Climb Mount Misen.  When you get to the top you’ll do anything for an ice cold Asahi

Other places you will want to see include Shukkei-en (Japanese Garden – spectacular) and Hiroshima Castle (Well…….it’s a castle and if you love castles, this is the one to see)


I’ve left this place to last.  For good reason.  Picture this.  You head down to the lobby of your hotel where a taxi awaits.  You get in and you mention this name to the driver……”Guttsuri-an”.  Driver looks at you in bewilderment and begins to drive…….and drive…….and drive.  You pull up somewhere in an old fishing port.  Throughout said fishing port are old sheds.  Some disused boat hulls.  The occasional rusty outboard motor.  The driver says “wait here and I will check we are the right address”.  He comes back and says “yes, we are here”.  What happens next is super amazing.

Guttsuri-an is the best restaurant we have ever been to.  Did we say best?  Yes we did.  It hides in an old port about 15 minutes from Hiroshima.  The bar and restaurant area are something out of this world.  Made entirely of camphor wood (appears to be but don’t quote me) every single Japanese beer, wine and spirit is on display here with fish skeletons intertwined throughout in a nice soft orange light.

The food?  It’s going to take a whole other blog post to cover that off.  Stay tuned for a blog devoted to Guttsuri-an.  Let’s just say that the food is mind blowingly awesome and a unique experience.

Make sure you click the link above.  You’ll see exactly why we and everyone thinks this place rocks.

If you want some more information on our visit to Hiroshima drop a comment below and we’ll get back to you.