Wild Pacific Trail Photo – Ucluelet, Vancouver Island

You don’t stay here, you live, breathe and experience Ucluelet.  We recently spent time at Terrace Beach Resort (amazing by the way) and one thing’s for sure, we’re going back.  This town oozes relaxation all the while offering the most amazing scenery you’ve ever seen.  Beautiful beaches tucked safely away from the roar of the Pacific Ocean are dotted along the coast, each one unique in its setting.  The main road is lined with beautiful little shops, diners and cafes and a few hidden gems are nestled away close by.

We’re going to put together a travel blog detailing our Ucluelet experience however lets check out this photo.  The framing works amazingly well and adds that special layer to what could have possibly been just another photo of water and rocks.  Instead, we get a great frame of the Wild Pacific Trail’s amazing natural shapes.  Beautiful seascapes, rock formations and fauna all along the trail.  We thought this photo captures it perfectly and that’s why we had to share it.  From time to time we’ll post some of our favourite experiences and offer insight into our photos.

We’d like to give a shout out to I Love Vancouver Island for posting our photo.  As a result two people are painting it; we can’t wait to see the finished product!

Keep an eye out for our travel blog on Ucluelet.  Once you’ve read it, you’ll go there.